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Community Consultancy Services focuses on helping organizations ascertain the business value that they can achieve through communities.

We focus on three service areas:


  • Building awareness on community management and building, and the advantages that these may bring to the organization

  • Development of all elements of a community strategy and execution/action plan

  • Assessment and advisory on community strategy execution & community maturity

Talent community services are provided through TalentLed - please visit for further information.

Community Awareness Training

This service is suitable for organizations and professionals that are looking to obtain a foundation on or increase their understanding of the concept of community and the value that community-centric approaches can bring to their organization.

The service is provided through a set of bespoke training modules and materials delivered in a virtual environment to maximize participation and enable asynchronous learning.

Community Strategy Consultancy

This service is suitable for organizations that have decided to commit to incorporate or support a community and are looking for a strategy to implement in doing so.


The service is provided as a bespoke consultancy project that is custom designed for each engagement. Outputs of the project include community strategy documentation, community action plan and community guidelines, principles and governance documentation, where applicable.

Execution Assessment & Maturity Measurement

This service is a great fit for the organizations that have a community program already underway and that are looking to measure the effectiveness of their strategy execution, suggestions towards improvements or opportunities to pivot towards a more successful approach or methodology.

A thorough assessment of the community, community strategy and the position of the community itself and the team managing is conducted, with a detailed assessment report that will indicate a maturity level as well as suggestions to improve execution and approach.

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